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Thread: knoppix 4

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    knoppix 4

    Just a general comment for anyone who may try knoppix 4.0. I have tried it. Disappointing. I know it's suppose to be live DVD, but I really don't like limiting my use of the CD rom unit or DVD unit while using this OS. I prefer to use the Debian distro instead of Red Hat or others and like to save files that I make but not on a floppy. (It is getting harder to find a computer with a floppy to do this even though I still have one.) The knoppix 4 does not like to be installed on hard drive. It claims that it cannot find ext3 for the hdc3 and leaves me without the capability to load material on a linux hard drive. (I have two hard drives in my computer- one for windows, other for linux- I use the dual boot system, presently lilo) I think I have bought this version too soon. I should have let Klaus work on it a little more. My present version knoppix 3.6 with 2.4 and 2.6 kernels work the best and efficiently on both my computers hard drives with no problems.
    Would be interested in hearing other comments on this. (I also could not retrieve Office files that were saved.) Also, if you boot up to the live version, it will not let you copy anything that you make, to the windows hard drive. There are just too many restrictions with this version. Sometimes older is better!

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    First of all Knoppix is a live-cd, that is why it runs from a cdrom, that is the whole point of the distribtion. Second of all, what computer specs do you have? You say that Knoppix 3.6 runs a lot better on your computer? Maybe your pc doesnt have the specs Knoppix 4 needs?

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    have you tried ext2 instead of 3 ?

    that might work

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    The difference noted in the computer performance is probably due to the read/transfer speed of the DVD drive.

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