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Thread: Copying files

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    Copying files

    I am a very new Knoppix user. I am using it to clean out my died Windows XP system.

    I have two hard drives. One 60Gb Maxtor and one 7Gb IBM. Both NTFS. I want to wipe the 7Gb and back up some of the 60Gb onto it and them wipe the 60Gb clean. The problem is that I cant seem to change the read/write settings on either hard drive. I'm sure there is a console comand to change it but I cant find it.

    Thanks. James

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    Native NTFS write support is dodgy at best in *nix. If you want to write to an NTFS partition, I would recommend looking into captiventfs, which uses Windows' drivers to access the partitions. I'm not sure if there's a "prebuilt" package for Debian or Knoppix, though.

    You may want to look at, since it has captive installed by default. Their documentation is pretty good, as walks you through the process.
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