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    Feather-Linux ....uuuuhhhhhhhhhhh-splat!

    Ive been trying to run feather linux for a while. Cant get it to boot. Did as the website said but no success. Any help? Keeps saying Cannot access Superblock. Im a REAL newbie, trying to install Linux on a Laptop (Acer Travelmate 723tx). Can Anyone help????


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    I would say that your CD is bad if the same superblock keeps getting fingered. This can be because of some things:

    1. Bad download of ISO (be sure to check the md5sum)
    2. Bad CD (a physical defect)
    3. Bad CD burner session (got a hiccup during burning the ISO)
    4. Bad CD reader (dirty LASER - use compressed air only)

    I just booted Feather Linux 0.7.5 LiveCD and it did well. It even recognized my USB mouse, and Knoppix 3.7 does not. Has the Acer Travlemate been on the market long?

    Keep working on it. You will succeed. If you want to try a smaller "first time" Linux, try Puppy or DSL. They are only 50MB (rather than 700MB) and work well for learning.

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    Yeah, certainly sounds like bad burn, or bad iso. I agree that Damn Small Linux might be a good alternative. It's very nice... and since it's so small, it's a quick download and burn, so it's just minutes before you are ready to boot with it.

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    okey ....
    Heres the dilemma.... explained in a bit more detail.

    I downloaded the version of Feather that boots from USB. I ALWAYS check the md5sums. Extracted to my Sahara 256MB flash disk and then d/loaded the bootusb.img. I checked it too. I used winimage to create the boot floppy. shutdown, bootup, superblock problem. Tries the second bootusb-1.img, same problem.

    Now, the reason I wanted to try Feather:
    My cd rom has died. I purchased an external case and a dvdr/cd-rw combo and slapped it in the case. I can ONLY boot from floppy or HDD. Feather is the only distro that supports allows me to boot from floppy and continue the installation with another LOCAL source. I cannot afford to do a net install.

    Ultimately, I would like to run either ImpiLinux or UbuntuLinux, with Kubuntu and SUSE being other options. Reason being, Impi is local to me and I can get support quite easily. (I have a friend looking into making me some boot floppy images.) SUSE apparently runs quite fine on the travelmate 72x series so I support wont be a problem. Same applies to Ubuntu and Kubuntu. Any ideas? The Travelmate 723tx has been around for about 7 years. Its a Pii, Ive upgraded ram to 256MB SDRAM and I have JUST ordered a 60 GB HDD for it... waiting for delivery.

    Anyway, any ideas? I would _Love_ to run Linux, any flava, as long as it works...

    Since you guys are here... How would I get San Andreas, Need for Speed 5, Underground, Underground 2, and Starcraft/warcraft to run under Linux?

    Just a thought....

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