I had a situation last night that seemed right of the alley of Knoppix, but I came up a little short. I'm hoping you can explain to me what I was doing wrong. I'm sure it's obvious, but I'm somewhat new at all of this.

My wife's PC went udders up when we came back from vacation. The PC wouldn't start. No, it wasn't a problem with the Redmond OS, but some sort of harwdware failure.

Before doing anything, I wanted to back up as much information from the hard drive as possible. Thankfully, the drive is very much in tact. I attached it to my Linux PC as the secondary hard drive, hdb. I then booted with Knoppix 3.9.

With Knoppix running, I selected a bunch of the information, at least as much as would fit on a CD ROM, and added them to a CD data project in K3B. These were all files contained on the recoverable hard drive, presumably formated with NTFS or whatever the default formatting is. Neither Knoppix nor K3B seemed to have any difficulty reading the information.

However, when I went to burn, K3B would continually trap out with a note that I should slow down the write speed. I took it all the way from default which was 40x I believe, to 12, to 8 and 1. It would never write to the CD ROM.

The media is generally good, I burn ISO images onto the same disks all the time. The drive is good.

I was wondering if it had something to do with intermediate files that K3B might need to create, and maybe running this operation under a "live" installation wasn't a great idea. Is that what's wrong, or is it something else?

In the end, I solved my problem by copying the data from the recoverable hard drive to my main disk. This made me nervous because I was afraid that mixing file times between the old Redmond disk and my only other system was a bit risky. It seemed to have gone ok, though.

So, at this point, I'm just trying to learn from my mistakes so that I can be prepared in the future.

Thx for any advice you can offer a noob :->

Kind regards