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Thread: dual boot

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    dual boot

    i have windows xp and knoppix. my girlfriend is very stupid when it comes to computers, she can hardly turn it on. how do i change it so that windows xp is the default instead of knoppix when it boots??

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    Does it use grub or lilo as the boot loader? if it uses lilo edit lilo.conf and put "default=NAME" when NAME is the label of the os such as WinXP or something, if you're using grub, ask someone else

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    For grub, open up /boot/grub/menu.list, you should see a default=X somewhere near the top. The 'X' is the number of the entry which should boot by default (so if you have knoppix first, windows second, this number should be 1, it starts counting at 0). If you don't have this line, the default is '0' (so the first entry). Just add the line if you don't have it. Note that you must be root to edit this file.
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