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    Knoppix Boot problems

    Hi all,

    I recently purchased a Knoppix Live CD (V 4.02), but am having serious difficulties even getting it to boot.

    After hitting enter to boot Knoppix, it begins loading the OS, but shortly after the background picture appears, I get a message saying
    "Couldn't start kdeinit. Check your installation"

    An green shell window then pops up, followed by enother message

    "Not enough memory to start KDE (At least 82mb required). Using TWM windowmanager instead. Caution: Not all programs in the left-mousebutton-menu will work here"

    After this, it all just freezes. I can access a the Debian menu with the left mouse button, but selecting any programs has no effect...just keeps idling.


    I haven't touched or changed anything, and my computer definitely has enough memory (192meg ram, 1.5ghz processor)....I was wondering if anyone else has encountered a similar problem, or better still, does anyone know how I might go about fixing it?

    Thank you,


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    It seems that you may not have enough memory to run KDE (which needs rather a lot of memery).

    at the first prompt you get where you usualy just press enter, type this first:
    which will let you use the lighter Fluxbox windowmanager instead of the much heavier KDE.

    You may also want to check out other so called cheat codes at
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    Thank you kindly, Sir!! I shall go and try that now, but that sounds like it makes good sense.

    I much appreciate your assistance.


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    Re: Knoppix Boot problems

    Quote Originally Posted by MrAshes
    and my computer definitely has enough memory (192meg ram, 1.5ghz processor)
    When looking at the cheat codes dylunio recommends, be sure and look at the one for "mem" . I've got one system that won't boot a particular LiveCD (can't remember if it's Knoppix or another) unless I put in 'mem=255' or something like that. That's in a system with more than 500Mb RAM.
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    I had the same problem here. Turns out that the download had been corrupted. See if the MD5sum of your download was correct. I downloaded mine again and there wasn't any problem afterwards.

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