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    in the boot options there are only two with exactly the same name and the first one is recommended

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    According to your menu.lst, there should be four options. The error you are getting is usually caused by the settings in the menu.lst file. Do you have knoppix on the first partition of your first harddrive?

    You could also try reinstalling Grub, here's a how-to:
    Stumbling around the 'net:

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    i am just going to throw this out there (and i think i said this in your other post) GIVE UP ON KNOPPIX INSTALL) it really just doesnt work right ... (read the link Bryan put up above) go to MEPIS is you want a good liveCD install ( ... or try something like openSUSE ( and I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH ... for the love of god go back to windows and dual boot ... it is easy ... install windows FIRST ... (use knoppix to repartition and reformat ... give room for a swap room for windows and the rest for linux if you are really planning to go full linux ... scrap the whole drive ... if you let windows do its thing it will NTFS the whole drive which makes the whole process much harder later) THEN install a linux distro ...

    please ... if you are new (cause i still am) leave windows there as a fallback ... and don't trust knoppix as a distro ... because its not ... its a livecd ... and should be used as such

    good luck!
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