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    Hi everyone need some help please!

    Hello to all. I am currently downloading V4.0 of Knoppix bootable cd. I really want to see what Linux is all about.
    I was just wondering a few things ;
    1) I have lots of avi movies now. They requie lots of Codecs.I have a codec pack that needs to be installed on windows and have no idea if linux will accept this file to install the codecs
    2)If I like Knoppix and want it to be the only OS working on my computer. I heard you can install the 2,3 Gb version and the 700mb version although it is harder. Can I install the 2,3Gb version from the bootable cd ?without downloading anything else?
    3)By installing when prompted by the cd will it erase windows by itself and format the hard drive? or do i have to do it myself?

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    Hi there, welcome to the forums!

    Firstly, in the future you might want to think about using a more informative title when you ask questions. It's not a big thing, but most of the experts here are pretty busy and just like to scan down the list of questions to find one that interests them. A title that just asks for help without explaining anything will inevitably attract less interest than one that attempts to explain you problem a little more succintly.

    Your questions,
    1/ To play movies in linux you will need codecs, just as you do in windows, however I don't think you'll be able to use the same file as you did in windows. Have a look at mplayer for linux -- it comes with pretty much all the codecs you'll ever need.
    2/ Are you sure you want it to be the only OS on your box?? In my opinion it's better to dual boot with windows for a while at least, so that you have something to go back to if you can't get linux working the way you want. Other users might encourage you to scrap windows completely and work without a safety net, but I'm not sure I agree with this strategy.
    I don't really know that much about installing Knoppix. -- sorry
    3/ In most linux installations these days it will take care of preparing the hard drive -- either completely formatting it, or partitioning it for a dual boot set up. I don't know if Knoppix does this, but it seems to be standard for most other distros.
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    Hi there, welcome to the forums . As for Knoppix, Knoppix 4.0 is a DVD. Not a cd. It will fit... on a DVD. Obviously you can't burn 2.3 Gb by any means on a 700 MB disc . It's already heavily compressed.

    As for making it the only OS: I agree with Smolloy. Suppose you can't get it to work (or you can't get the internet to work...) I think you'll feel discouraged quickly (don't worry many people have that, I did too once). So dualboot for the time being, there's no shame in using Windows, take the time to get to know linux, make it your default system, but be sure to have Windows at hand when you run into trouble. Time given you'll be able to kick it off your system all the way .
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    It's not too hard to install Knoppix to harddrive, it can take care of partitioning with the qtparted program. To launch the installer, use the command 'knoppix-installer' in a command line.
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    To complement psic, here is a link from Knoppix's wiki regarding hard drive installation:

    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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    hi guys...ehm i made quite a mistake here...
    Just three words...
    No More Windows...
    and guess what. i did manage to install knoppix but internet did not work and it did not recognize my external hard disks.
    Also the partition I made for the linux swap came up on the desktop as a hard disk but when i clicked on it it could not be read.
    There-s more to this.
    Never tried partitioning. So i did my best. told Knoppix to do knx2hd..
    Leads to an installer telling me i did not meet all requirements that i needed 2 partitions one at least 2Gb and one at least 256Mb for swap so i fiddled around with QTpartitioner and i managed to reach the fgdisk(maybe has another word) on the root shell where you actually partition.

    Well I made 2 partitions one of 9Gb made it a bootable primary partition with "type" Linux
    The second partition i made to be 500Mb just to be sure primary NOT bootable and "type" Linux-swap.
    I tell fgdisk to Write the partitions. It says partitions written and i tell myself, well that was easy...Until i quit fgdisk and the same message as before reappears saying i have not met the requirements for installation i.e. i have not at least 2gb and 500gb in 2 partitions one main and the other swap. So i decide(another stupid decision) to type the command IGNORE=1 sudo knx install (or similar cant remember now) which ignores the warning that you have not partitioned etc. This is how i installed it to my hard disk but obviously i shouldve followed the warning as the installed version did not let me use internet or my external hard disks...really can-t understand how this can be so difficult. I even tried changing the type of the partition from linux to FAT32 and NTFS but nothing changed still warning message. hope yoiu guys can help me out

    I-m actually running on the live cd version now as i have no windows no more(i know i know i-m an idiot). And also i do have knoppix 4.0 and it is on a cd...don-t ask me how

    Hope you guys can help me

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    Ok guys....i managed..
    Silly mistake. I partitioned but then i did not FORMAT
    What a newb sorryyyyy
    But i still have one problem. As soon as i booted it gave me an error
    it said
    kernel panic - not syncing: VFS :Unable to mount root fs on unknown - block(3,1)
    and it just froze
    I then booted up with the boot floppy and it worked fine. Anyone any ideas?

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    What's in your /boot/grub/menu.lst?
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    # menu.lst - See: grub(, info grub, update-grub(
    # grub-install(, grub-floppy(,
    # grub-md5-crypt, /usr/share/doc/grub
    # and /usr/share/doc/grub-doc/.

    ## default num
    # Set the default entry to the entry number NUM. Numbering starts from 0, and
    # the entry number 0 is the default if the command is not used.
    # You can specify 'saved' instead of a number. In this case, the default entry
    # is the entry saved with the command 'savedefault'.
    default 0

    ## timeout sec
    # Set a timeout, in SEC seconds, before automatically booting the default entry
    # (normally the first entry defined).
    timeout 5

    # Pretty colours
    color cyan/blue white/blue

    ## password ['--md5'] passwd
    # If used in the first section of a menu file, disable all interactive editing
    # control (menu entry editor and command-line) and entries protected by the
    # command 'lock'
    # e.g. password topsecret
    # password --md5 $1$gLhU0/$aW78kHK1QfV3P2b2znUoe/
    # password topsecret

    # examples
    # title Windows 95/98/NT/2000
    # root (hd0,0)
    # makeactive
    # chainloader +1
    # title Linux
    # root (hd0,1)
    # kernel /vmlinuz root=/dev/hda2 ro

    # Put static boot stanzas before and/or after AUTOMAGIC KERNEL LIST

    ## lines between the AUTOMAGIC KERNELS LIST markers will be modified
    ## by the debian update-grub script except for the default options below

    ## DO NOT UNCOMMENT THEM, Just edit them to your needs

    ## ## Start Default Options ##
    ## default kernel options
    ## default kernel options for automagic boot options
    ## If you want special options for specifiv kernels use kopt_x_y_z
    ## where x.y.z is kernel version. Minor versions can be omitted.
    ## e.g. kopt=root=/dev/hda1 ro
    # kopt=root=/dev/hda1 ro ### isk_size=100000 init=/etc/init lang=us apm=power-off nomce quiet vga=791

    ## default grub root device
    ## e.g. groot=(hd0,0)
    # groot=(hd0,0)

    ## should update-grub create alternative automagic boot options
    ## e.g. alternative=true
    ## alternative=false
    # alternative=false

    ## should update-grub lock alternative automagic boot options
    ## e.g. lockalternative=true
    ## lockalternative=false
    # lockalternative=false

    ## altoption boot targets option
    ## multiple altoptions lines are allowed
    ## e.g. altoptions=(extra menu suffix) extra boot options
    ## altoptions=(recovery mode) single
    # altoptions=(recovery mode) single

    ## controls how many kernels should be put into the menu.lst
    ## only counts the first occurence of a kernel, not the
    ## alternative kernel options
    ## e.g. howmany=all
    ## howmany=7
    # howmany=all

    ## should update-grub create memtest86 boot option
    ## e.g. memtest86=true
    ## memtest86=false
    # memtest86=true

    ## ## End Default Options ##

    title Debian GNU/Linux, kernel 2.6.12 Default
    root (hd0,0)
    kernel /boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/hda1 ro
    initrd /boot/initrd.img

    title Debian GNU/Linux, kernel 2.6.12 Default (recovery mode)
    root (hd0,0)
    kernel /boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/hda1 ro single
    initrd /boot/initrd.img

    title Debian GNU/Linux, kernel 2.6.12
    root (hd0,0)
    kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.12 root=/dev/hda1 ro
    initrd /boot/initrd.img-2.6.12

    title Debian GNU/Linux, kernel 2.6.12 (recovery mode)
    root (hd0,0)
    kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.12 root=/dev/hda1 ro single
    initrd /boot/initrd.img-2.6.12


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    Have you tried booting any of the other options? Specifically the third (kernel 2.6.12)?
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