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    Knoppix remastering questions

    Hi all,

    I have been using the knoppix hacks book to do some remastering, so far with pretty good success.

    I have gone through the process of removing/adding software, and so on, and have my new iso.

    My aim is to have a customised version of xfce, lots of nice apps etc.

    So i go through configuring/changing the desktop, desktop background, icons, adding plugins to the panel. The question is, how can i retain these settings so that when i boot my new remaster i dont get a vanilla?

    According to the book i can save the knoppix config, copy the and configs.tbz to appropriate dir and create a new iso. i have tried this a couple of times and i cant get it to work.

    Is there any other way i can go about this process?

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    Saving Settings

    The settings for the user from boot are taken from the /etc/skel directory. But the script I'm trying to remember so bare with me, ok, on 5.0? it is /etc/X11/Xsession.d/45xsession which calls the settings of the X window system. But besides the adjustments well I needed to make for changing the user name in /etc/skel before making the iso image, you need to make changes in the /usr/share/knoppix/profile/.* there will be .gnupg .mozilla etc ...

    I've remastered 5.0? sometime ago and had a tough time getting my settings to stick. I am just now getting back to it, but what I did after backing up files and messing with them for hours on end, is run qemu on the source directory I was working on. And I could see for the most part the changes taking effect. There were some bugs that didn't show up until after a burn, and I remastered until I felt it was close enough to what I wanted and copied to run from a partition. Well I could keep going on about this, but my machine is being set up again, on another part with suse 10.1 and I'm getting everything else back to where I left off and go on with this painful remastering project of mine.

    Good Luck

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