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    Using Knoppix to Partition

    I've not had any luck doing searches so far, so I figured I'd try a post.

    Anyway, I am trying to further partition my hard drive. Currenly using Fedora Core 4 and Windows XP Pro, dual booted, of course. However, I want to add some free space to install Knoppix on, as well as other distros to play with. I haven't had much luck using qtparted in Fedora, so I figured I'd ask how to use it in Knoppix, which seems even harder.

    Therefore, my question is:
    How would you use Knoppix to resize ntfs to add free space to install it and other OSes?

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    I'm surprised qtparted didn't work in fedora. What was the problem?? If it doesn't work in fedora, then it probably won't work in Knoppix either -- unless of course the problem was caused by trying to resize a partition that was being used at the time? Could this be it?? If that's the case, the download and burn Knoppix, go to qtparted in the utilities menu (I think) in the start menu, and you should be able to resize and move partitions to your hearts content!!
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    Edit: Appearantly, things work all of a sudden and nothing's wrong. Knoppix had far less trouble doing the repartition than Fedora did. I've... Completely wasted my own time.

    So, for the record, if you want to repartition: Use qtparted.


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