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    Newbie needs help

    Hi, Im new to linux. I just got DSL and i need some help with it. Could some people please give me info on the os, apps, basic commands etc.
    All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Installing DSL on the hard disk is very simple. Right click the desktop, then Apps->Tools->Install to Hard Drive. It first asks the target partition. You counter with something like hda1. For some reason, it rejects /dev/hda1. Go figure.

    Next it asks if you want the standard or enhanced install. The standard install if 50MB, and installs entirely off the CDRom. The Enhanced install pulls files off the Internet, requiring a working Internet connection. Also, the Enhanced Install takes quite a while if you have a dialup connection.

    The standard install is sufficient for appliance type setups, or cursory web/email clients. You'll probably want the Enhanced install otherwise. Keep in mind though, no matter what install you perform, a broken cpp program prevents you from compiling a lot of apps.

    Finally, it asks if you have a working Internet connection. Answer truthfully. If you chose an enhanced installation without a working network, the install will terminate after a while, telling you it will only do the standard install.

    Once you answer about the Internet connection, it will ask you whether you're sure you want to install, thereby wiping out the partition. Make sure you are ready to wipe out the partition, and if so, answer yes.

    The install program now takes many minutes (depending on processor and web connection) to complete its work, and then asks you if you'd like to run the boot installer. Say yes. Finally, it asks you if you'd like to reboot. Say yes.

    When it reboots, you have a very simple machine. A few web clients, VI (a crippled Vim), several other apps. Enough for simple computer usage, but not what you'd call a real desktop machine.

    Standard or enhanced, your installation does not have a functional apt-get or dpkg. You need those if you want to do anything more than browse the net and get email. To enable them, be sure your Internet connection is working and connected, then right click the desktop, then Apps->Tools->Enable Apt. The computer will take quite a bit of time downloading more stuff.

    If you simply need an appliance, you can probably

    asks some simple questions such as whether you want to do the extended install, and whether you have a working Internet connection.

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    If you don't have an Internet connection on the computer and you need to download elsewhere, try having a look at:

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