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    Knoppix failed Install

    I've got knoppix to install once on the same computer, so this is very fustrating. When ever I try to install, I partiction the disks and I start the installsion. At about 60% or so the install keeps spitting out these errors like:

    cp: reading 'usr/share/local/ru/LC_MESSAGES/' : Input/output error

    Serveral pages of the same errors (but different files), go by and the installsion is complete. I reboot and the boot gives errors and X windows doesn't load. I know its not the CD. I guess its the hard drive. I think I partitcioned them right though. I made a primary swap (512mb) and a primary ext3 (5.12gb) /. Thanks for any help, I really want to have knoppix installed over any other distro.

    If anybody can even diagnose the error for me or tell me what it means I'd be grateful.

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    I know that you said you do not want any other distro instead of knoppix, but when I was going to install Knoppix I went to the channel for them ( in irc,, #knoppix) and they said, if you want an installable knoppix, use KANOTIX, it is supposedly a lot faster, and better, when installed to the hard drive ( in the left there is an option to change it from german to english)

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    Thanks. I'll look into this and post back. The reason I reinstalled knoppix in the first place, was because konquerer took to long to load up. Maybe this will work better...

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    Kanotix is quite nice when installed to harddrive, and if it fails in a similar way to knoppix, you'll know that it's probably the harddrive.
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    Thank you for the referrer. KANOTIX is indeed quite nice. The install went fine with no problems. I am now running KANOTIX on my laptop.

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