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    How Knoppix saved my life

    Today I was moving my /home partition to replace /dev/hda6's current mount point of /var/www. I was meaning to be in the /home directory to transfer all my files from there to a temp directory. Little did I know I was at / !!!
    It went like this:

    # mv --force * /tmp/home
    # ls /tmp/home
    ls: command not found

    At this point I was thinking oh sh*t. <insert 5 minutes more cursing here>

    I had just realized what I did, and thought maybe i could execute /tmp/home/bin/sh or other
    NOTHING worked.

    I am so glad I bought that issue of linux magazine with knoppix... otherwise I would have been reinstalling everything as I had no backup or recovering (which I was getting ready to do)

    So I booted the knoppix dvd, mounted the partition containing /tmp and moved all files/dirs to their rightful place. Thank god it worked I had spent so many hours of grueling work customizing my system and had enough completed work I didnt want to lose.
    Moral of the story: always backup! And keep Knoppix closeby

    Knoppix is my hero

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    knoppix is nice to run on my laptop(wish I had it when i messed up windows)

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    Knoppix has always been nice to me. It has always saved my files from a virus or a crashing windows. I accually have a copy of Knoppix next to all of my computers. I am glad it was able to help you too.
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    Every Linux user should definitely have a couple Knoppix CDs on hand at all times. Windows users can benefit from Knoppix, too. I always keep several of the latest versions on hand.

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    Yeah, I just screwed up on my first installation of Linux (ubuntu) installing it after the 1024 limit. So right now I'm running Knoppix waiting for answers here.At this point, I love ANY kind of Live CD to tell you the truth

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    I had to use knoppix live cd to delete file on my drive where it got over filled and no more space to boot up or do anything on it.
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    for system recovery i reckon dsl is better because its a lot faster and simpler.

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    Before I learned about linux, I locked myself out of windows xp and had to reformat everything. Sucks because I had tons of music and movies on it, I should have just run a livecd like knoppix and deleted the program that locked me out of my own computer!

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