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    Virus scanning windows with Knoppix 4.0.2

    Ok, so my grandmother's computer is currently all messed up after being borrowed by a cousin.

    I tried virus scanning with knoppix 3.4, but it wasn't detecting the Eth0 device.

    So I tossed in 4.0.2. Detected fine, downloaded the antivirus fine, but I'm having a hell of a time getting getting anything to actually install.

    f-prot said it installed but would not run.

    clamav kept looking for user clamav (which I then tried adding, to which I was told that it failed because it could not create the password)

    Does anyone know either a virus scanner that plays well with knoppix or how to fix the issues I'm having here?

    EDIT: Specifically, the error I get with clamav is
    "checking for clamav in /etc/passwd... no
    configure: error: User clamav (and/or group clamav) doesn't exist. Please read the documentation !"
    upon giving the command $ configure while in the directory.

    The command $ useradd clamav yeilds, "useradd: unable to lock password file"

    Is there a way of manually adding clamav to the passwd file it's checking? will this fix the problem?

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    I never use any antivirus with Knoppix, but I do use Slax from a USB device with the relevent clamav/klamav modules. Runs scans fine. Also finds archives that break zip standards. Usually just finds java archives under that search though

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