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Thread: Bootfloppy

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    Hi folks,

    Knoppix LiveCD 4.0.2

    I created several sets of bootfloppy with following steps;

    KMenu --> Knoppix --> Utilities --> Create bootfloppy for Knoppix

    at finish "successful" notice popup and without complaint during their creating.

    However all of them on booting it always hung on;

    Kernel panic - not syncing : VFS : unable to mount root fs on unknown - blcok (1,3)

    Also tried preformating the floppy with
    # fdformat /dev/fd0u1760

    still no breakthrough

    Knoppix LiveCD is working without problem on PC with CDRom boot function.

    I also created the bootfloppy on another Linux PC to check whether the problem coming from the floppy drive.

    Any advice. TIA


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    Is there any particular reason you need a boot floppy? Can you not just install GRUB on your harddrive's Master Boot Record and boot from there? Just what are you trying to accomplish here that you need a boot floppy?
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    Hi techieMoe,

    I don't need a bootfloopy. I just help my friend whose PC can't boot on CDRom.


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    What distro are you trying to install?
    Each distro will have it's own boot floppy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by budman7
    What distro are you trying to install?
    Each distro will have it's own boot floppy.
    Hi budman7,

    I don't want to install Knoppix on PC and neither my friend. I just need to create the bootfloppy and deliver the same and Knoppix LiveCD 4.0.2 to him. Let him to run the LiveCD. He doesn't have boot-CDRom function on the BIOS of his PC.


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    Unfortunaly a bootfloppy may be nessasary to boot from a usb-cdrom or -hd

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    hi, I just finished registering onto this site. umm i'm having the same problem because this lappy I have is OLD lol. 166mhz and 48 megs of ram and it doesn't boot from CD at all. So i've been trying to figure out how to get files on floppy so I can boot it up. It's driving me crazy lol. I don't understand how smart boot manager works. i'd also like to add if I can do it from loading up live-cd or at the boot screen? which is best

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    According to all the information ive read on knoppix, 48mb isnt going to be enuff, but ive never tried it with less than256. It may work. Running off a live cd is painfully slow already, if you get it to work, with that processor and ram, it will be agonizingly slow i think. Just my opinion.

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