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Thread: Knoppix Amnesia

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    Knoppix Amnesia

    After several failed attempts at creating a dual boot system, I am in inch from throwing in the towel and going write to a Live CD situation on my XP machine.

    My question is simple. How do I save things like favorites for Mozill and programs etc. If I am booting from a Live CD everytime.

    It seems to me that I'll have to start from scratch everytime. I know I must be wrong. Please help me wrap my head around it...

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    Here's the answer from the Knoppix FAQ:

    Go to the K-menu > KNOPPIX > Configuration and choose "save config", you can save to floppy or to an already existing partition on the harddrive. (on a windows partition is fine)

    To restore it, at the "boot:" prompt type in "knoppix myconfig=scan", and it should find and restore your saved settings at boot time.

    you can find this specific FAQ at:

    EDIT: I find a small USB key works very well, since you can carry it around and have the same settings on different machines
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    thanks for the quick and easy response

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    Smile Thanks

    AMEM to that thanks!!!

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    Smile Knoppix?

    What's Knoppix? Can I use it in Red Hat Linux 9.0 Publisher Edition (GNOME), so I can run Fedora Core 4? I am desperate.

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    Re: Knoppix

    Knoppix is an OS that will run from the cd.
    From the cd, you have access to tools like qtparted.
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    im trying to install knoppix to hd but am lost, ive got a step by step to do it, but the command is wrong; (knx hdinstall)?? i have alos tried /sudo knx hdinstall, it failed, ....... this goes on 4 a while; can anyone please help me?

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    that should do it.

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    ???? wat is the exact terminology i type in? please bear with me im a noob in the extreme

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    Quote Originally Posted by
    ???? wat is the exact terminology i type in? please bear with me im a noob in the extreme
    You've been given the exact terminology by fogcat. Open a console window and type this:
    su <enter key>
    knoppix-installer <enter key>
    That should pop up a window for you.
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