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    USB Stick write support


    so the (again) windows registry felt the need to have the bipolar disorder again and commit suicide. Very well nothing new, however, this time my roommate forgot to back up all his tuff this week and i have to rescue his stuff as i seem to be the only person that is able to use the three main operating systems.

    So i trying to backup everything to an USB stick, at first ot worked, until (oh wonder) the ram didn't like me and the whole thing went down (Knoppix 4.0.2). So i took out the ram and did a restart with Knoppix but now i couldn't write on the USB stick no more (i only need read support for the NTFS partition to copy it, as far as i know). I tried the commands that were posted here in teh forum and they didn't work. What should i do to rescue the rest of the files?

    Thank you very much.



    PS: I was thinking about making a FAT32 partition and installing XP on there and than copying the files onto that partition and than on a usb stick and from there just repartition and make it a "safer" windows.

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    You'll most like need to run
    # /sbin/modprobe ntfs

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