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    saving vim file on floppy

    I am using knoppix to write a vim file and I need to know how to save it to a floppy disc.
    Knoppix keeps telling me that it is a read only file.

    I am a bit of a newbie, but I prefer command line to windowing.

    What do I do ( in simple language please)

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    a little more detail on my post--telzey.algebraic

    There is already a floppy icon on my screen, so the floppy drive is mounted.
    I think that floppies and other drives are mounted as read only by default.
    How can I easily make the floppy drive a write allowed drive?
    I think that may be what I need. Is that correct?


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    I'm not sure exactly where the problem is, as I don't use floppies a lot, but I can offer some suggestions.

    1) Are you sure that the floppy is mounted? Sometimes Knoppix places an icon on the desktop even when the drive is not mounted.

    2) Also make sure that the notch on the floppy itself is not set to read-only.

    3) You could try mounting the floppy manually with something along the lines of:
    mount -w /dev/fd0 /dir/to/mount/in
    assuming that /dev/fd0 is where the floppy is.

    4) Maybe you could try saving the file somewhere else and copy it onto the floppy with cp.

    Good Luck.

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    writing to floppy in knoppix

    Dear Handburger,
    Thanks for the reply. When I type mnt/floppy it won't accept this.
    When I click on the floppy drive icon, it does show the files on the floppy.
    Indeed, my vim file was on the floppy.
    It is when I try to save changes on the vim file that it tells me it can't save because my vim file is read only.
    all best

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