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    802.11g wireless usb adapter,got drivers?

    Hey everyone! This is my first post so I hope I get good results

    I have recently been trying out a debian style linux using the Knoppix live cd and all is going well except that I cant connect to the internet.I have a 802.11g wireless Westell usb adapter connected to a Westell VersaLink router with my Verizon DSL.Now,this all works fine with Windows XP (only thing that really does).I am wondering, do I need some type of linux driver(Knoppix doesn't recognize this adapter at all,not even as being plugged into the usb) or will this set-up never work with linux?

    If so,will it work fine if I install the full Debian OS?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post and,hopefully, reply.
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    With usb adapters, in most cases you need a program called ndiswrapper to get the card working. Ndiswrapper just "wraps" windows XP drivers so that linux can use the card.

    I believe Knoppix comes with ndiswrapper installed, See the 2nd half of this tutorial on getting the drivers loaded.
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    Thanks,ill go try that and see how it works.If not,I have been thinking about getting a new ethernet card,only not a very new one so as to retain compatibility.

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