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    I started off with Knoppix hard drive installs--choosing the "Debian style" option. It's kind of quirky, but it's a great way to get started with Linux. The main problem is that sooner or later the packages get too far out of date to reliably install new software. In other words, the setup is easy but long term maintenance is a problem.

    I also played around with Mepis, which is also Debian based. But before long I figured...why not just try the "real thing"? I switched over to Debian, and never turned back. With "true" Debian, though, the initial setup is NOT as easy as with Knoppix or Mepis.

    (Actually, I sort of started with Mandrake, but didn't stick with that very long and gave up on Linux altogether for a while.)
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    How do the packages get out of date? I've ran Kanotix installed for almost two yrs now with few problems. And those were Sid issues.

    Doing a Debian netinstall is very easy. I would say give it a try. Never installed Knoppix myself, but I do keep a copy on hand.

    The new Kanotix installer is even a GUI. I run it on my laptop and in vmplayer on my desktop.
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    hi all, i recently got knoppix 5, and installed it to hd, it works perfectly for me, i did have to do a re-install because my colour depth was too high the only thing is how do you do custom resolutions? i installed kde, and it runs at 1128x768 (or similar) when it should run at my tft reso of 1280x720, thanks

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