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    USB Drives Mount but...

    When I plug in my two different usb drives they both mount just fine. I can see and view the files. I cannot however create a folder or "write" to the drives.

    I then being the "computer guy" that I am checked the permissions on the drive. The first time I booted were read-only, so I changed that and made sure all the permissions were set for write access.

    This is to no avail. I am fixing to install Linux on this computer, but I need to save some of the old files from the corrupt Windows installation. Please help me!


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    how are you mounting the drives? I assume they're FAT not NTFS. if this is the case, try:
    mount -t vfat -o gid=users /dev/sdXY /mnt/point
    the gid will set it to be owned by the group "users" you can also use the uid to set the userid aswell, this might help you.
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    I never got it figured out that evening, but yesterday I seeked help from a few friends. I got the issue resolved.

    I did have to manually mount the drives as root, and then I had rw access to the drive.

    I appreciate the response!

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