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Thread: boots to prompt

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    boots to prompt

    I have what should be a pretty simple question:
    The reason I think this is happening is that last time I had kanotix running, I accidently locked the computer when I went to hit shut down, and out of laziness, instead of typing in the password and shutting down the computer the right way, I did it manually (held down the pwr button)

    Now when I boot up, everything works fine until the computer prompts me to login with my login name and password. I do that and I get logged in, but I'm still at the prompt and I have no idea how to boot kanotix from there. Can anyone give me some hints? thanks

    I'm having to use windows on my computer right now and I don't know how much longer I can take it!

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    then hit enter...that will start the x server and put you into the gui...
    from there do a normal reboot and see if it will do a proper gui login...

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