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    How to set IP address in Knoppix 4.x?

    I'm trying to set up the live CD of Knoppix to work with my wireless encrypted connection. I was successful with SLAX, but Knoppix seems to work differently. before using encryption, Knoppix immediately identifed the PCMCIA card on the laptop and I was immediately on Internet. Now, it still immediately identifies the card and network ID, but no IP address. With SLAX I had to manually set the IP address of laptop, plus gateway plus DNS server, so I am assuming that I need to do that with Knoppix. Any suggestions on how to get Knoppix to recognize the router's IP will be appreciated.

    For background, I'm an experienced Windows user who is hoping to soon switch totally to Linux, but I'm hesitant to, until I'm confident that the wireless connection works OK. Thanks!

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    to set the ip address you can use the ifconfig command
    /sbin/ifconfig eth1 inet netmask
    if you are using DHCP try
    ifup eth1
    if it doesn't work try
    dhclient eth1
    you maight also want to have a look at the following
    man ifconfig
    man iwconfig

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    thanks, larry,
    i'm not at that computer right now, but i'll print this off and try later today and let you know. I was hoping to find some menu in Knoppix that would do this, similar to the one in Slax (from Slackware), but i'm also trying to learn more of Linux, so this is good feedback. Thanks,

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    This is probably a good place to start looking:

    Wireless Networking - Knoppix Documentation Wiki
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    thanks to you and larry...

    - larry's suggestion did successfully set the IP address... much thanks...

    - the knoppix forum on wireless was interesting but disappointing for my needs. No, i never succeeded in connecting to Internet.... (

    what troubles me is that SLAX provides a menu to set all IP addresses and another menu (Kwifimanager) to set wireless options. works great and i'm on internet in a minute or two, just filling in two menus... SLAX works!!!

    but other Linux distributions seem to want me to learn command level parameters to achieve such. Windows users will never migrate to Linux if they must learn a myriad of commands... and the commands vary from distribution to distribution..

    if we who like linux would like to see wider usage the setups need to become more stable. for example, what works so easily with Slax is not even an option in Knoppix or Ubuntu or Klax or PClinuxOS.. and a few others... windows succeeds because the same options appear on all computers with windows...

    i don't think i'm asking for miracles... Slax offers two menus that I think are from KDE... and they are simple to use. Yes, i'm using the 'live' versions because i don't want to commit my hard drive to an OS if it's going to require serious tech discovery just to access internet... all Linux distributors should work together to make this a simple and consistent process...

    thanks for listening... )

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