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    Unhappy New Knoppix install changed on me!!

    Found the terminal command 'knoppix-installer' and it worked nicely! I've tried Suse, Mandriva, Debian, and Fedora 5 without being able to install any of them correctly on my machine. Finally, Knoppix (based on Debian!) installed to the point where I still got some errors on boot, but it went into the GUI and worked almost perfectly; sound, wireless, but no printer. After two reboots now it only boots up into text - terminal mode. Is there any way to get into the GUI from terminal mode, or should I try a fresh install? I am getting ready to just buy a new computer with Fedora pre-installed. Since May 15th, I must have tried over 50 installs in all kinds of hardware and software configurations. Even with an M.S. in Computer Engineering, I have no idea why these installs are unable to complete. I have installed all versions of Windows on many machines and never had a problem. I would like to switch everything over to Linux, but am hitting hundreds of road blocks.

    So when my machine boots into terminal mode, is there any way I can get it into the GUI, or must I completely reinstall and try again?

    Thanks for your time and help!!

    - Richard in Rio Rico, AZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by UofArizonaECE
    Is there any way to get into the GUI from terminal mode, or should I try a fresh install?
    You might just try
    from the terminal.

    If that doesn't work, please post more details about your hardware.

    Which version of Knoppix are you using?
    What is your video card?

    If you are using Knoppix 4, the X configuration (which allows you to get the GUI working) is in /etc/X11/XF86Config-4.

    If it's Knoppix 5, then look at /etc/X11/xorg.conf.
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    Printer trouble?

    Printers are configured through the cups server..there is a kde printer configuration gui in knoppix..or alternatively you can go to localhost:631 in a web browser. It is a better and more accurate way to configure a printer in any form of linux that uses can even update the printer drivers over the web...or search for obscure ones. The beauty of this setup is that you can configure samba shares at the same time or just specify local printer if that is all you need. I have had much better luck with linux drivers than most bloated windows printer drivers....especially the crapware, clutter and excess dlls that they through at your registry! The worst of the lot are the windows printer drivers that come from HP..some of them are 50-60 megs, which is rediculous!

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