I am trying to remaster knoppix 3.6. I have got the hang of how to do it and also i tried removing some games and then burning the ISO to disk. It all worked fine.

I would be more than grateful if you can help me or advise on any of the below mentioned.

Now what i would like to do is :

1) because the knoppix 3.6 is in german, i would like it to be changed, so when i finish the remaster it is in UK English.

2) i want to install new packages. Could someone tell me the basics on how to setup the mirrors and how to install packages. I have read that you can install packages using apt-get install packagename and also apt-cache search packagename. I am a bit confused on which one and also how to setup the mirrors

3) i am also confused about uninstalling the packages. I have tried to uninstall openoffice-de-en and it told me that i cant due to the files being used by another package.

4) I have got a british keyboard and because i am remastering in runlevel2. When the cd loads i type 'knoppix 2 vga=normal lang=en', when i do a dpkg-query -l, it all goes really fast. I know there is a way to slow it down by dpkg-query -l | less, but i cant seem to find it on the keyboard. i know on the english language keyboard its altgr and the key left to '1', but because the language is set to en it doesnt work (i mean altgr and the key left to '1').

I am using the howto from http://www.virtualacuity.com/james/knoppix-howto/