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Thread: remastering

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    i have to remaster knoppix to satifsy the below conditions

    1) remastered CD when used with a client machine should automatically connect to a server whose IP is known (specified during remastering the CD)

    2) get the IP for itself (client) from the server to which it is connecting

    3)get the source code of some programs from the server along with other dependencies and after processing the code on the client (remastered CD) it should write the result on the server

    4) how to give a unique machine ID (specified while remastering the CD) to the client so that this information is also written back to the server later when required

    can anyone help me with the respective scripts which does the above mentioned tasks or can guide me how to write the scripts because i dont know how to remaster the CD and i am not acquinted with scripting

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    This may help , dunno about the scripts tho
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    thanks beagle2 for your reference to the URL


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