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    Thumbs down Knoppix Boot-CD Help.

    So I purchased this book from PC Magazine called Linux Solutions.

    This book came with a free boot CD for Knoppix, so I could try the Linux enviornment. So I pop in the CD, boot into it, and when all runs well, it says I don't have enough memory to run the CD in GUI mode. So I had to use the console, which elminates the possibility of running the partioning program I desired in the first place. My problem is, I have 1GB of DDR2 RAM. My mobo detects it, why the CD doesn't is beyond me.

    Help appreciated, thanks. =D

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    Which version of Knoppix is that?

    You can try some of Knoppix cheat codes, like this one :
    (with a capital M that is)

    Read this for more :

    So, at the Knoppix boot menu, the command would be :
    knoppix mem=1024M
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    I'm not sure what's going on with the Knoppix CD, but if antidrugue's suggestion doesn't work, try Gparted if the partitioning program is all you were really after anyway:

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    It could be a bad cd. From the splash screen, at the boot prompt, type
    "knoppix testcd"
    This will test the cd for burn errors, tell you if there are any, or tell you everythings ok and try to boot. It takes a little while. If the cd is ok, try this: reboot it, and at the boot prompt, type
    "memtest" and see if it recognizes your memory . If it does, reboot, and let it finish booting to the console. At the command line type
    "startx" and see what happens .

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