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    Talking Help burning so ISO will boot

    Need help with burning CD with latest Knoppix iso so that it will boot.

    I have Nero burn and XP. Have already downloaded and saved iso.

    What files need to be burned on CD that will make it boot to the image.

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    Cool Little more info for helping with earlier question.

    I burned the iso using Nero, and made it bootable; however, when it boots it simple comes up to a dos prompt and does not boot to the iso.

    What's missing here?

    If no one has answer now, please email me at:
    with answer!


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    You shouldn't have to worry about making it bootable, as that will be taken care of by burning the ISO to the CD as an "image". If you just copy the ISO file to the CD, it won't work. I don't use Nero so can't help with that.

    Once you have correctly burned the image to CD, you should have multiple files on the CD. If you just have one big file, you've burned it incorrectly. Here's a HowTo that might help:

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    there should be an option in nero "burn cd from image".

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    You could try this...

    Even though im pro Nero, i found there is a little software that is capable of almost everything nero can do... and yet is much less resource hungry as well... CD BURNER XP wich you can download here

    After installation just choose the first option to burn a data cd...
    then... once it loads, just go to FILE, there choose WRITE DISK FROM ISO FILE.... and then just load the iso and make sure to clik on FINALIZE CD... and just burn... always worked for me... don't know, just give it a try... so far all iso's have been bootable.

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