I am using an external hardware serial modem, DiamondSupraExpress 56k, on ttys0, with dial-up. I can't get Knoppix to let me on the internet. This setup works great in Xandros, Ubuntu, Puppy, but not in Suse, Fedora, Knoppix or DSL. I have the Knoppix 4.0 live dvd and have installed the iso to my hd. I would love to just install it as an os and dispense with booting from the dvd to the iso image, but I have to have internet access.

It sees my modem, tells me where it is, queries it and says everything is fine; when I try to connect to the internet, the modem lights come on except for the second light which I think represents the handshake. Then it just hangs there. After a rediculously long time, a window opens and says the connection timed out before the interface could come up. Log file shows the second line of text is empty --- I mean by that,
a readput of what went on during the attempt to connect shows the second line is blank, where there should be something there.
Sorry if this is not enough info; I will provide more shortly, but I have to leave for a while now. I'd really like to solve this as it would allow me to try some other distros.