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Thread: Missing Files

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    Missing Files

    When booting form a CD I am having some issues with saving my apps. I am able to restore setting when I boot, but what I am not sure of is, where my saved document, downloaded application, and games have gone. Can anyone tell me why my files are not restored when I use the restore=sda1 command.

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    You have a version 5.0.1?
    And where did you get the command restore?

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    If youre running from live cd, anything you download and or save, is stored in ram, (or the ramdrive). When you shut down, it is deleted from ram, it cant write to the cd. To save it permanently, youll have to write it to your hd, or create a "persistent knoppix directory" on your hd, or a flash drive. have a look here:
    You can do a forum search for "writing to the hdd" and "creating a persistent knoppix directory", or word it something similar to that, and theres a good bit of info on it. If youre running version 5, or if youre hd is fat32, you should be able to write to the hd with no problem.

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