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    Question Mounting iso without booting a Knoppix 4/5 DVD?

    UVC 04551.70130 just so maybe I'll find this again.
    --=Can Knoppix 4DVD and 5DVD iso's be mounted and used to install without a DVD?=--

    My problems:
    The isos are on a windows partition.
    Windows went BSOD for the zillionth time but Knoppix 4CD can still read the partition.
    My USB2 ports for some reason only work as USB1 with my DVD burner and that always foogs up attempts to burn the isos.
    A friend burned the isos on DVD+ and I can only read DVD- on the internal drive.

    What I want to do and have done before with earlier knoppixes:
    Install knoppix 4 and 5 on extra partitions.

    Can I mount the isos which I can still see on the Winlooze partition and install them on others?
    If the installer asks, should I put lilo-or-grub on the MBR, or on the partition?

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    I actually had a similar problem with my laptop with no cdrom drive. What I ended up doing was extracting the iso image with winrar and copying it to a fat partition that I made in windows. Then I downloaded a bootable version of linux that would run on a floppy. I mounted the fat partition and ran the setup program.

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    Thanks... I'll try that; if anyone has any other ideas they may be helpful also.

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