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    WPC54G Linksys problem

    I have access to the 1.3 drivers and the ones on the cd, not sure what version the cd is.

    in my opinion the ones on the cd work better because when i ndiswrapper thenm i get

    "Forcing parameter IBSSGModel0 to IBSSGModel2" 5 times while i do the recommended 1.3 drivers and nothing comes up, even though both drivers show up as "driver present" when i -l and of course, i dont have both drivers installed at once.

    anyways, not sure what to do next. i seen modprobe ndiswrapper being used in one tutorial, but when i do this it says

    FATAL: Error insertying ndiswrapper (/lib/modules/2.6.17/misc/ndiswrapper.ko): Invalid argument

    all of this is in root

    again just not sure what to do

    i did searches but nothing fit my problem.

    the power light comes on btw

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    Which chipset is your card? ndiswrapper -l should show driver and hardware present if the correct driver is loaded. Once you get that response modprobe ndiswrapper and check dmesg to see that module has loaded.
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    chipset? all i know is its a woc54g v3 so i basically just have to keep trying different drivers for it? does it matter if its 9X or NT?

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