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    Post How can i make a screenshot?

    I just took the change from DSL to knoppix, and want to post my desktop in a desktop show off thing on another forum, but i can't figure out how! I tried the "Print Screen" Button but it did nothing. I haven't installed any third part software on it. I also have two other questions:

    I have an iso, but is there any way i can reduce the size of the iso? I have 690 mb cd's to burn, but my distro is 696MB!

    Last question:

    Is there any particular reason my applications take a while to load? Like firefox takes up to 20 seconds, Konquer takes like 15, KPaint (Or whatever it's called) Takes 10-15.

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    Screenshots... you could try KSnapshot. Look for it in the KDE menu under Graphics.

    ISO size... I'm not certain, but I don't think you can reduce the size unless you remaster it, which would be more trouble than obtaining some larger blank CDs. Maybe someone else knows of a reduction method.

    Slow loading apps... I'm not sure why your apps are loading so slowly but those times do sound overly long. My Firefox loads in just a few seconds.

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    konquerer is starting to load a bit faster because i've been using to so much, but firefox is just screwed up so slow i am just not using it.

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    Are you using knoppix from the live cd or do you installed it? if using from the livecd is normal that programs are loaded slow because the y load from the cd (of course) which is a lot slower than a hard drive
    If you use from hard disk, did you create a swap partition?
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    "I have an iso, but is there any way i can reduce the size of the iso? I have 690 mb cd's to burn, but my distro is 696MB! "

    You didnt mention which burning program youre using, but most will have an option that enables you to write all the way to the edge of the disk, just for situations like this. In k3b, i think its called overburn, in some programs its called direct write, every program calls it something different. But sometimes it will let you squeeze that last little bit in there.

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    I'm using Burn4Free. I'll see, because Burn4Free loads slower than my linux programs do because i'm trying to run it from a 50 mb usb drive.

    About installing to the hard drive: I have no idea how. But i was running DSL from the cd and it loaded fast.

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