does this sound complicated? It is for me also. The lan always says little or no accessibility, yet it comes on automatically. Then the second part must be set up.
To go on with my soap opera, I'm online now. With Canonical Ubunutu 6.06 LTS it was if anything easier than winxp. The problem with the others I tried was that there is a prevailing disorder(to my eyes at least) and the only directions that made any sense just wouldn't work because my provider doesn't have a required name. What is different with Ununtu 6.06 LTS? Organization. I searched the word "internet" in a full set of helps (without going on the net that is not available)and got directions to enter "sudo pppoeconf." It was so easy and so quick I could hardly believe I was on the net. Now I've gone back to several I tried before and can get on internet with them also. No sweat! However, with Knoppix and Gentoo I still can't get internet access. pppoeconf is apparently not available on the live cd for these distros.

For some of us, the situation is so different that what has worked so simply for some of you may not work for others. That was my case. I'm not very silly or very stupid after all. But when helps are available and clear enough even someone of my limited abilities can do Linux. At this point, I CAN say Linux is GREAT! I'm in process of cleaning up some problems on my HD caused by winxp and installing and making Linux my operating system of choice.