root@3[knoppix]# smbmount //testshare/shared1 /ramdisk/home/knoppix/chris1 -o guest
Could not resolve mount point /ramdisk/home/knoppix/chris1
root@3[knoppix]# pwd
root@3[knoppix]# mkdir /chris1
mkdir: cannot create directory `/chris1': File exists

alright, i had everything going smoothly earlier, got rsync going and got the first partition done, but on the second, the system crashed and i had to reboot. i thought that it would be simple sinice i now know all the steps. make my directories, samba mount, then rsync. well, after making the directories on my local "ramdisk" i tried to do a smbmount and i dont know why but it cant find them. theyre there as you see from the code. i am very confused seeing as how i had it going 2 hours earlier. once again, can anyone help this slowly learning newb?