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    Knoppix CD won't boot

    It starts up and i select BOOT OFF CD and then it hangs up at this error message....

    looking for DVD in /dev/hdc _

    just freezes, whats the deal??

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    This might seem stupid, but have you put the DVD version on a CD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larnu
    This might seem stupid, but have you put the DVD version on a CD?
    No I purposely downloaded the DVD version and put it on a DVD.

    Like I said, it starts to boot up and it gets hung up.

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    Hi - It could just be a corrupt/incomplete download. Sometimes burning at a slower speed can help.

    Usually Knoppix is ultra-reliable where other distros can sometimes fail.
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    I re-burned Knoppix on another DVD at a slower speed. but still same boot problem. very confused.

    maybe it was a bad download. are there other live CD's like Knoppix that you would recommend?

    Forgot to mention, I am running a turion 64 HP laptop. maybe that might make a difference.

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    are there other live CD's like Knoppix that you would recommend?
    its a long list. check here !

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    A laptop? Well that could be your problem there, Knoppix isn't very friendly towards Laptops. If you have a Desktop it may be best to test it on there first. I have run knoppix on my laptop, but it over heats (see my topic in this forum)

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    If you can try the dvd on another machine, if not, try this. From the splash screen, at the boot prompt, type: NOTE: ^ denotes a space..


    This will test the dvd for burn errors, if it finds none, it will tell you everything looks ok and continue trying to boot. Grab a cold beer, or something, and relax, it takes a while. If the disk checks ok, and it still wont load, reboot, and at the prompt type:


    If it boots into failsafe, you likely have a hardware problem. Ive read that the dma controller on some machines can give problems with knoppix 5, if thats what you have. If so, try typing:


    And it may just be like Larnu said, some laptops dont like knoppix for some reason. Try these cheatcodes, and see what happens.

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    try knoppix 4 it runs on both my laptops 5 won't run on either of them

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