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    Cool Knoppix V5 video settings problem

    I have no problem with v4 but when I boot with V5 I choses settings my Matrox 450 video card cannot display. Anyone know of a cheat to solve this problem.

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    You can try the following cheat codes:

    vga=0 or vga=normal

    Use specified Screen resolution for X

    xvrefresh=60 or vsync=60
    Use 60 Hz vertical refresh rate for X

    xhrefresh=80 or hsync=80
    Use 80 kHz horizontal refresh rate for X

    Use specified X-Server

    xmodule=ati|radeon|fbdev|vesa|savage|s3|nv|i810|mg a|svga|tseng
    Use specified XFree4-Module

    For matrox the module should be MGA.
    For other setting you can try Knoppix 4, look into files at /etc/X11 (something called xf86config or similar).

    If all failed, try to boot into console mode:
    Knoppix 2

    After reaching the prompt, try one of the following commands:
    xf86conf, xf86cfg, xorgconf or xorgcfg

    Setup using Matrox driver or SVGA.

    Use the following command to start X-Windows:

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