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    rtl8180 linux driver

    Pretty new to linux I'm afraid but I think I have the basics.

    Using knoppix live running 2.6.12 kernal and trying to set up my driver for a pcmcia wifi card.

    Ok.. installing a driver for my wifi card with a rtl8180 chipset. ( the make and make install runs fine but the readme says to insmod four files.

    I 'insmod r8180.ko'
    and get
    ' insmod: error inseting 'r8180.ko': -1 unkown symbol in module

    I check with iwconfig and theres no wlan0 and 'modprobe rtl8180' doesnt work (module not found)

    Any advice on what to do?
    Any help much appreciated.

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    Post I'm a newbie too..

    I want to make the switch to Knoppix as well, I have used the live CD to look into it, and do think it would be much better than other Operating Systems, but I also can't get my Wifi card working..

    I've found the drivers for it, but I'm a bit concerned about having to compile them, I won't pretend to know for a second what I'm doing, cos I don't, so any tips or hints or even an installer would be mosty welcome..

    I know it's not much help to you Talz, but I saw your post and thought...class, me too..

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    Getting wifi cards to work in knoppix, and other distro`s, can be a pain. Linux drivers just arent as available as they are for windows. Try your mfgs. website, and see if they have linux drivers available. If not you can use a program called , ndiswrapper. It allows you to run windows drivers for your card, in linux. Knoppix 5 has ndiswrapper already installed, im not sure about 4. Have a look here:
    Plenty of info here on which cards work, and how to get em working.

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    knoppix 4 has ndiswrapper at least on the dvd version.

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