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Thread: linux noob

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    linux noob

    my xp install recently died, and i can't seem to get it back up, so i am now trying to get a grip on my knoppix 4.02 live-cd, and have looked around, but can't seem to find any help, so i am now posting here. basically, i am looking to actually install a distro onto my hdd (i already gave myself a 60gb partition only for linux installs and apps). i have an HP 505n DC470A and i have added a creative sound blaster live 24-bit sb0410 (i can not find this product on the creative site, sorry!) and have an hp photosmart 7660 printer i have no idea how to do anything on linux, so, as of now, i am looking for a way to download and install a distro (i have been trying to download ubuntu 6.10, but my download stops at about 50%) while using knoppix 4.02, also, just a heads-up, once i get something installed, i will be needing more help, such as, i don't even know how to save files to a hdd or anything (sad, i know...) ty in advance.

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    If you are running Knoppix as a live CD you need to bear in minf everything is being done in memory, so that once your RAM is full you don't have any storage. If you can try to create a partition on your harddrive in Knoppix so you can store the disk image. I think GParted comes on the Knoppix disk. Use some of the 60GB space you mentioned. GParted is just like Partition magic, it is graphical and simple enough to use.

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    If you really want to learn linux, i suggest you pick up some books from ebay, one of the used book websites, or maybe check around your town for a used book store. I have picked up quite a few computer books at the local one for a good price. There are also probably hundreds of websites, and forums like this one, devoted to helping you learn linux. Most of the mainstream linux distributions, are based on the same blueprint. So learning how to use the command line, most of the commands, installing programs....ect, will apply to most of them. If youre looking for windows in a linux box, i havent found it yet, but most of the newer distros have a good gui , and this forum, and other forums and websites will help alot. Just use the "search this forum, or search this thread" button on the toolbar at the top of the page, type in what you need help with, and youll likely find your question already answered.
    If you have problems downloading the distro after setting up a partition, maybe try your local library. Most have computers you can use, and will let you download software and burn it to cd.

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    I would try a newer version than 4.02..With KNOPPIX, newer seems to usually be better. At least in my experiences..

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    > Download stop at 50%.

    If you want to download Ubuntu ISO, it's better to use Bittorrent:

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    Gparted is a better interface in my opinion, but I believe Knoppix comes with Qtparted instead. Still, the same things apply to what bigtomrodney said about it being simple to use.
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