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Thread: Knoppix boot

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    Knoppix boot

    Knoppix is booting. It suddenly says something like.

    Single x windows session.


    and it tells me that the system will shutdown. It shutsdown. I boot it back up again and it goes through this process over and over again.

    What's wrong. Everything looks fine except for this. It just wont go on.

    I want to try out the live cd. I've had a thing for Knoppix for a year and tried it again and it's not working!

    I know you'll be able to help. THanks a lot.

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    First check if the Knoppix CD is ok:

    Enter "knoppix testcd" at the prompt:

    Check CD data integrity, If your KNOPPIX CD makes strange noises during boot, or you see frequent errors like "cloop read error", or programs on your KDE desktop keep crashing randomly, then your CD image is probably defective or incomplete, or your CD-burner created a defective CD due to wrong writing speed or bad media. This is the most common error reported. Please boot with "knoppix testcd" to check if the CD is OK, and/or even better, verify the MD5 checksums that are present on the mirrors before writing the CD. Also, please read the KNOPPIX-FAQ.
    CAUTION: testcd can take a long time and the screen saver often starts while the testcd check is running. Hit SHIFT or CTRL to turn off the screen saver and continue, there is likely no need to reset the system or burn another CD at this point.

    If the CD is OK, try to boot into terminal mode/console:

    knoppix 2 vga=0

    If this OK, the problem is with X-Windows setting. Try the following commands:
    xorgcfg, xorgconf, xf86cfg, or xf86conf

    To start X-Windows:

    What is the brand, type of your PC and graphics card?

    Other cheat codes:

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