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    Lightbulb Buying a Knoppix Dvd

    I'm going to buy another Knoppix 5.0.1 Dvd and I would like to know where the best place would be to buy it as far as price and quality go. I have recently purchased one and I believe that there are some errors in this dvd but I cannot detect them, so I am going to buy another one. What would you reccommend? Thank you!

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    There are probably hundreds of places to get them, but i suggest buying from someone that specializes mostly in linux software. I get all of mine from here:
    Downloading is not an option for me, unless i do it at the library, im on dialup. The dvd version is a long download, even on a fast connection, too. I get good service from madtux, and good quality disks. But thats one of those things, ask 100 people, get 100 answers. I dont reccomend buying off some of the ebay sites. Alot of them are copies, of copies, of copies. I got bit a few times myself.

    Edit: Whoever you order from, maybe get a copy of knoppix 4 just for grins, and see if it gives the same problem. 5 seems to have alot more loading issues than 4 did.

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    Perhaps you can use MD5SUM or SHA1SUM to check the DVD/CD.

    Compare it with official Knoppix MD5Sum / Sha1sum:



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