Hi Guys,

I am trying to burn a CD in PHLAK, which is based off Morphix, which is based on Knoppix. So I thought this was the best place to go.
When I try and burn my CD, I get a message from vmware saying:
Your virtual machine has send an ATAPI (CD-ROM) command that is supported only when programming the drive via DMA. You will need to configure your guest operating system to use DMA when communicating with DVD/CD-ROM devices.
Note that some operating systems will report DMA is available without actually using it. In those cases, normal CD-ROM operations will still be available, but special features will only be available if you reconfigure the virtual device as a SCSI device.
I have been reading up on this and it seems like I have to edit my linux os. Then I read up some on that and I know I am supposed to go into my kernel source directory and type:
make menuconfig
Then I am in there, but I am not sure where to edit and I do not want to fool around unless I am 100% sure.

Can anyone help me step through this?

***EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out. Thanks***