Actually, I was playing with puppy linux as a change from Knoppix but, after a reboot, I find I am having big problems booting Knoppix on my ThinkPad 600E. I had made a change to modprobe.conf before re-booting but surely that can't affect a fresh live-CD start each time.

Booting Knoppix 5.01 now gives
"Scanningfor USB/Firewire devices... Done
Enabling DMA acceleration for: hda [disc details...]
Enabling DMA acceleration for: hdc [DVD-ROM details]
Looking for CD in: /dev/hda" then it hangs.

Boting with "knoppix nodma" works fine!!!

ubuntu 6.10 gives "Invalid compressed format (err=2) Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS:Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(1,0)"

DSL 2.3 works fine!!

Puppy Linux gives a message of "Code:Bad EIP value" plus a lot of register values.

Any suggestions as to why knoppix now needs nodma would be much appreciated, particularly if you can get me back to where I was.