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    username and password when networking with windows

    Hi All - I am not a techincal person at all - just learned things as I wnet along. Hence the gaps in my knowledge!

    I have a dead (WinXP Home) laptop, Knoppix cd runs fine on the laptop and I can see my files - phew!. I have tried to network with my WinXP Pro pc but here's the snag. I keep getting asked for user name and password to access the Windows pc from the knpppix/WinXP. I have tried entering the user name and password associated with the user account on the pc but no luck. I've in fact tried all combinations of my usrnames and passwords I can think of. I am sure I have not used an unusual combination and subsequently forgotten it! I have used every valid combination I can think of but no luck.

    The Knoppox laptop can see the pc when I connect up in smb://etc etc, and if I disconnect the pc it disappears out of the samba shares window. Both machines can ping the other, so I know they can see each other. Therefore I must have done something wrong, or omitted to do something. Any ideas?

    By the way - I can't get the WinXP Pro pc to see the knoppix-running laptop at all - is this normal? After all the knoppix machine isn't running a windows network so I wouldn't be suprised if this were the case. However, since the WinXP Pro pc can oping the laptop, I wondered if it might be possible to ftp files - what's the protocol for this?

    many thanks in advance,


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    Do you have shares setup on the winXP machine that you are trying to access?

    Have you tried not entering anything for a username/password?

    You may want to create a account on the windows XP box for the username you are using on the linux box - sometimes that helps.

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    thanks I'll give it a try!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatcharlie
    By the way - I can't get the WinXP Pro pc to see the knoppix-running laptop at all - is this normal?
    try to edit /etc/smb.conf (or /etc/samba/smb.conf). There is a section that you can join your linux box in a windows networking group. and a section to define sharing method (share, user...) and a section to define shares.

    try to change sharing method to share. save your file and restart samba

    smb restart
    i hope this would help

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    Hi Guys,

    thanks again for the help. In reverse order:

    The knoppix system doesn't want to allow me to change the smb.conf file - I am runnig off the cd (can't do an install, not enough space).

    I have tried creating a username and password on the Windows box the same as the Linux box, tried entering nothing and have double-checked that I have set up file and printer sharing on the windows box (in fact, have shared the whole of C: drive). Still no joy.

    The Windows box doesn't want to let the Linux box talk to it! Frustrating - I still can ping either way and the Linux box still sees the windows box in its samba shares.

    Any more ideas?

    Thanks in advance.


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    OK, I have used the knoppix toram cheat to get knoppix onto my Windoze box. I hoped that if both machines were running knppix they'd network ok.

    STILL no joy - they can ping each other but when I try to set up a network foleder it keeps sayin it can't connect and for me to check my settings - can anyone tell me how to network two knoppix machines?



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