Recently had a problem where my ntfs.sys file became corrupt for some unknown reason, but after doing some research, I discovered Knoppix has a tool to fix the file even if Windows console won't, so I ordered the dvd last week and it finally arrived yesterday.

I'm completely new to Linux, but the dvd booted up w/o a hitch and there I am looking all over the place for my SATA raid 0 drives. I can't find them, so I figure I'll go ahead and try to run the ckdisk program per the instructions I read on another post, at which point I got an error msg about a partition. Apparently I should be seeing hd1 hd2 on the desktop but no other drives are there other than Knoppix dvd and the floppy drive.

Can anyone please (not too technically) explain what I'm doing wrong and/or advise what to do to see my drives?

System is asus a8n sli mobo with 2 seagate drives (raid 0)