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Thread: knoppix on Disk

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    knoppix on Disk

    Hi everyone.
    Sorry if this is a daft question but I cant make head or tail of what IM supposed to do with my knoppix download.
    There dont seem to be an exe or setup.
    I want to set it up on a bootable disk and run it on my pc laptop.
    I can find an idiots how to.
    Any help would be very helpfull.
    Thanks for your time.

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    You have to burn the Knoppix iso file to a cd or dvd as cd image. Whenever you need to run it, just insert it into your cd/dvd drive and reboot your computer or insert it at system start up.

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    thanks for the reply.
    i have downloaded the iso but what files do i put on the cd?

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    Burn the ISO file to the CD as an "image". Here's a howto that should help you get it done correctly:

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    If you downloaded the 5.0.1 version then it's one big file like this
    the size is 696M. Now you must have a cdrecorder software to burn this file ISO.
    It is NOT , I repeat Not just a copying. You MUST burn it SLOW!!! AS POSSIBLE!!! ISO RECORD
    You need software to burn this ISO. Search for one if you don't have one.
    You need to also search on how to burn ISO correctly.
    If by any chance that if it was a bad download or burn then you need to do it again until
    you get a bunch of icons when you check the ISO on the CD.
    I used the Roxio CD recorder but it's not recommended cause it does not burn slow. However,
    you may need to pay for an upgrade though.
    There are other recorders on the web. Do a thorough search.

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