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    qemu need helps please

    Dear all

    Sorry for my bad English
    i installed qemu v0.8.2.4 on my knoppix version 5.1 and i create img on my hardisk for install XP pro with pack 2
    during instalation no any error message, the result is ok for installation XP pro,

    i made this step :
    hgrp users /dev/net/tun question for ''users'' i use my acount or i write users ????
    chmod g+rw /dev/net/tun
    modprobe tun
    echo 'tun' >> /etc/modules

    and chmod 777 /dev/net/tun

    after when i execute """#qemu -hda windwsXp.img -m 256 -boot c -net""""" the XP up but the local lan don t work after i run the same command without -net """"#qemu -hda windwsXp.img -m 256 -boot c "" now i have the local network with ip addresse mask Default gw 10.O.2.2 DHCP server 10.O.2.2 DNS 10.O.2.2

    my host have ip mask
    i can't to ping and contacting the XP , how i can do

    please can helps me

    Best Regard and thank you for your helps

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    dear all

    Can you help me please

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    Qemu has a wonderful Forum that may provide help for you. I don't use tun so I don't know how to help with your particular problem, but you will need to clarify your issue.

    1) Are you running KNOPPIX as your host and XP as your guest?
    2) Are you trying to ping from guest to host and host to guest?

    If you are trying to ping a Windows guest, I don't think that changing the ownership of the Qemu networking in your Linux host is going to help.

    Have you ever tried running a Windows host with a Knoppix guest? I do that all the time and I have no problems accessing the internet.

    Also, why would you want to ping between host and guest?

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    thank you for your help

    best Regard

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