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    Stuck with installing mplayer-plugin

    I am stuck with installing the mplayer-plugin for Firefox that I need to watch asx files.
    Here is what I did:
    Download and unpack the mplayer-plugin from here:
    The ./configure step indicates I should install the gecko-sdk first, so I download it from here:
    For a lack of configure and make files I leave the SDK unpacked only.
    I reconfigure the mplayer-plugin again and this time it says:
    Using new (v1.7+) gecko-sdk
    checking for GTK... configure: WARNING: *** Running in X mode - Limited Features ***
    checking for GTK24... configure: WARNING: Some GUI Features are disabled
    checking for GTHREAD... configure: error: Missing gthread package
    According to this source I should be installing the ghtread sources:
    I tried both apt-get install libgthread-2.0 and apt-get install libglib2.0-dev, but this gave error messages too, such as:
    E: Couldn't find package gthread-2.0
    E: Package libglib2.0-dev has no installation candidate
    Surely it can't be as difficult as that? How do other people do it?

    Knoppix 5.0 on a P3, 512MB, 800MHz

    Thanks in advance


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    I have also tried sudo apt-get install mozilla-mplayer as has been noted on this forum, but without any success.

    By the way, could it be that because Knoppix is a Live-CD it will not install the plugin because there is no place to store it among the firefox plugin folder?

    Thanks in advance

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