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    Hello spongefinger
    yes, you are correct. When you create a persistent directory, it saves your settings to your hard drive as an image file. You still have to boot from the cd , and knoppix accesses the image file for what it needs, it doesnt boot from the image file. When you use the knoppix-installer command, it installs the operating system to your hard drive and you can then boot from the hd without the cd. The persistent directory is just one way to save your configuration without actually installing.

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    I am surfing this site with Knoppix V5.1.1.1 which I have just installed into a hard disk using directly the iso file mounted on a loop back device.

    I was very impressed by the v3.19.19 Knoppix-installer. It took exactly 6 minutes to install. The first minute was spent on verifying the 4 disks as I got 63 partitions in each of the 3 Pata. The second minute was spent on filling in the answers to the standard questions. The actual time for a full installation from giving the green to go ahead to finish was merely 4 minutes. Think this is a record for a Linux.

    I have checked the two methods I suggested in Post #2. Method (1) works as expected but I could not find "xorgconfig" inside Knoppix and so Method (2) failed.

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    Thats pretty fast saikee, you should write a tutorial on the method you used there. I believe the equivalent to xorgconfig in knoppix would be

    dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
    Thats what i have written in my notes anyway.

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