So, I decided to google Linux and see what the hype was all about, and I've gotta say, I'm amazed. I downloaded Knoppix, the 4-gig version, burned it, and have my HP Pavilion dv5000z running Knoppix smoothly. However, when I tried to save my config, I nearly tore my hair out!!! I've read at least a dozen online tutorials that all say to go to the Config menu and hit "Save Knoppix Configuration." I reformatted a 512 MB Sandisk Cruzer Micro flashdrive specifically for Knoppix, FAT format, completely blank. I saved the config to my flash drive (desktop background, taskbar transparencies, 1280x800 res, etc) and rebooted, using "myconfig=/media/sda1" as the magic box told me to. However, while I'm booting, I encounter multiple error messages after "Looking in /media/sda1 for" or something. After this pops up, it gives me multiple errors of some command not available or not loading correctly, and I noticed the numbers 802.11 before the user interface loaded. I'll try to get that specific error info up ASAP. Anyways, after that, the config file loads, but the desktop is blank. (Actually it's a white hairnet texture, but where's the image?!?) When I right-click and configure desktop, I find out the folder my wallpaper is in is "unavailable or cannot be found." I click on Konqueror, and I find out that I cannot see any of my drives, or my USB drive! I go to Storage Devices/Media, and nothing's there! However, when I click on "Hard Drive 1 (hda1)" on my desktop, everything loads! After that, I have to go back to "Config Desktop" and reselect my wallpaper from my hard drive, and then apply again. I've tried saving the wallpaper to my USB drive, but it still isn't detected until I manually click on its icon on my desktop. Have I configured something wrong? Am I overlooking some glaring mistake? Help, please!

Why are my drives not being detected automatically?!?